How to open file with IPSW extension?

The IPSW file extension belongs to the category Misc Files. The extended name of this file format is iPod and iPhone Software Update File. Below is a list of programs that support files with this extension. Just download one of them, then double click on the IPSW file, which did not want to open and manually select the program installed by default. The IPSW file should open now without any problem.

iPod and iPhone Software Update File
Advertising OS Programs that open the extension

IPSW file extension

Have you ever got a file that you could not open? Probably the situation was that it had an extension not used before on your computer, e.g. IPSW. Such a situation could also take place with other extensions, but it always ended the same - giving you a headache when determining which program should be used to properly open the file.

Typically, Windows has the appropriate software to open the IPSW file or just preview its contents. Often, however, there is no such software, and then we need to identify what kind of file it is, and download the appropriate software to support it.

Many people have no idea where to start. The simplest solution is to visit our website and search for the appropriate extensions in our database.

[DE] Dateiendung IPSW
[EN] File Extension IPSW
[ES] Extensión de archivo IPSW
[FR] Extension de fichier IPSW
[IT] Estensione del file IPSW
[JA] IPSWファイル拡張子
[PL] Rozszerzenie pliku IPSW